Submarine Electrophoresis System

Model Main features Gel Casting Set Comment
Output Voltage

Gel Casting Set-L
Standard type of electrophoresis system with agarose gel. Simple model but it is very high performance
Output Voltage

Gel Casting Set
for Mupid-exU
This model has a lot of usuful features such as Timer, multichannel-pipette compatible, UV transparent and etc.

Gel Casting Set
for Mupid-One
Main features of this model are similar to Mupid-exU but it has CE mark. And the gel casting set is made of heat registant materials that is useful when making the high concentration agarose gel
Icon Comment
Both Mupid-exU and Mupid-One are available for Count-Down Timer to set from one to ninty nine minute or can also operate with continuous mode
Multichanell-pipette is compatible and it is suitable for multi-sample
The electrophoresis cell and gel trays are made of special material with a high rate of UV ray transmittance (50% at 254 nm, 80% at 312 nm) that allows users to observe bands by monitoring the cell on the UV transilluminator.
Removing the lid, main power stop operation automatically.
The electrphoresis cell is washable, and can be separated from the power supply.
For Mupid-exU and Mupid-One, variable input voltage 100 to 240V supports.