Mupid-exU, a submarine type electrophoresis system

 Electrophoresis Cell
  Overall dimensions
  Material  UV transparent plastic
  Solution volume
 Approx. 270-320ml(buffer solution only)
  Multi-sample  Multichannel-pipette compatible
 Safety Lid
  Overall dimensions
 Power Supply
  Overall dimensions  75mm(W)×62mm(H)×170mm(L)
  Weight  410g
  Input voltage  AC100〜240V、AC50/60Hz
  Output voltage
Constant peak voltage of 140V and duty control
  Timer Timer operation 0 - 99 min. and continuous mode
Pause function supported
  Safety switch
Micro-switches in the power supply without safety lid, no output of Power
  Memory function Automatic memory (the last used V & T)
 Gel Tray
  Gel Tray - S
  Gel Tray - L  130mm(W)×13mm(H)×122mm(L)
  Quantity  Gel Tray - S : 2 ,  Gel Tray - L : 1
  Multiple number of wells  13 or 26 wells
  (13wells: 9mm spacing 26wells: 4.5mm spacing)
  Quantity  4
 ■Gelmaker Stand
  Overall dimensions  149mm(W)×20mm(H)×125mm(L)



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