■Specifications of Mupid-2plus


Electrophoresis Cell  Overall dimension  187.5mm(W)×139.5mm(L)×57mm(H)
 Cell size  133.0mm(W)×120.6mm(L)×47.5mm(H)
 Buffer solution volume  max. 300ml (with gel in position)
 Material  PPHOX
 Lid size  157.0mm(W)×139.5mm(L)×13mm(H)
Power Supply  Overall dimension  43mm(W)×109mm(L)×52.0mm(H)
 Input voltage  AC100-120V *1
 Material  PPHOX
 Fuse  250V,0.8A
Gel Casting Set  Casting Stand size  240mm(W)×126mm(L)×17.5mm(H) 1
 Number of gel  2 Large gels and 4 Mini gels L : 2
S : 4
 Gel Tray size  Gel tray -L:109mm(W)×60mm(L)
 Gel tray -S:55mm(W)×60mm(L)
 Comb size  10mm(W)×240mm(L)×42mm(H) 2
 Well form
  Large Gel: 6mm(W)×1mm(L)×12well
  Mini Gel: 6mm(W)×1mm(L)×6well

*1 A step-down transformer is required for use at over 120V.


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